Rio Massage & Brazilian Waxing

                                               18710 Eureka road Southgate,MI 48195

                                            (734) 255-6092 

                                                "Where relaxation meets everyday life."

                                                  Business hours: Mon-Sat 10am-8pm

                           Natural Health & Wellness

                                *A Healing Touch*


Our massages are unique because we can combine several different techniques-to provide you with an overall state of well-being and relaxation. We can focus on a specific problem area or simply give a full, relaxing bodywork session.



                                               Massage Price List

duration                     one session                   3 session pkg                    couples

 1/2 hour                       $40                                   $100

1 hour                           $65                                   $150                                 $100 

1 1/2 hour                     $90                                   $230                                 $150 



Hot Stone- add-onn to a specific area $15 extra

Japanese Toning Facial Massage- $25 extra 

Deep-Tissue Massage- $10 extra for individuals $20 extra for couples


                                       Massage Sessions Offered

 Deep-tissue Massage                                       Lymphatic Drain

 Medical Massage                                             Couples Massage

 Sports Massage                                               Seated Chair Massage

 Pre-natal Massage                                           Reflexology (hands&feet or just feet)    

                                        Specailty Bodyworks

Hot Stone Massage

Reiki Healing Session

Shiatsu/Acupressure Session (loose-fitting clothing)

Thia Massage

Japanese Toning Facials                                         


                       Brazilian Waxing Price List

Chest:$45                        Legs:$55

Back:$45                         Buttocks:$35

Under Arm:$18               Bikini Line Waxing:$35

Shoulders:$25                Brazilian Waxing:$45

Arms:$35                       Hollywood Waxing: $65

      Points To Consider 

Relax *Refresh* Rejuvenate

If you are a walk-in, please understand that you might not get the availability that you desire and will have to either wait or schedule an appropriate appointment time.

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your first scheduled session to allow time for completing the necessary paperwork and to prepare for your session.

Please arrive promptly for your scheduled sessions. Our time is valuable. If arriving late, it wil result in time taken off your session, and you will be liable for full-payment.

Pleas turn off all electronic devicers, including cellphones and pagers, which may disrupt your session. Relaxing and being quiet are part of the therapy offered during the session.

Please remove all jewelery before your session begins, so it doesn't interfere with the therapeutic work being done.

These are NON-SEXUAL sessions. According to the law, you must be DRAPED all times during the session. And any sexual or inappropriate behavior will result in immediate termination of the session, and you will be liable for full-payment.




A 24-hour Cancellation Notice is Appreciated.

Gift Certificates and Pre-Paid Packages Available

Credit Cards Accepted ( Visa,Discover,Mastercard) *NO CHECKS

Bonus Cards (buy 9 services get 1 free) Available